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Welcome to DKI Henna Cold Pressed Oils Category. Discover the natural goodness of our exquisite range of Cold Pressed Oils that are not just ingredients but companions on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. At DKI Henna, we bring you a collection of premium quality oils, each carefully extracted through the cold-press process to retain maximum nutrients and flavors.
Our Cold Pressed Oils are more than just culinary delights – they are nature’s gift for your well-being. From the heart-healthy benefits of Olive Oil to the versatile Coconut Oil that’s perfect for both cooking and skincare, our oils cater to your every need.

Sunflower oil -
Sunflower Oil
Sesame Oil -
Sesame Oil
Rice Bran oil -
Rice Bran Oil
Olive oil -
Olive Oil
Jojoba Oil -
Jojoba Oil
Hemp Seed -
Hemp Seeds Oil
Grapeseed oil -
Grapeseed Oil
Flaxseed oil -
Flax Seed Oil
Coconut Oil -
Coconut Oil
Castor oil -
Castor Oil
Camellia Oil -
Camellia Oil
Black seed oil -
Black Seed Oil
Avocado oil -
Avocado Oil
Argan oil -
Argan Oil
Almond Oil -
Almond Oil
Moringa oil -
Moringa Oil

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