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At DKI Henna, we are one of the leading Henna companies offering comprehensive, one-stop turnkey solutions for OEM, ODM, and Private Labeling services. We take immense pride in providing the most professional and all-encompassing manufacturing and trading services to our global clients.

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Company Information
Company Name D.K Industries
Origin India
Brand Name Shagun Gold
Global Presence 45+ Countries
Key Persons Mr. Dinesh Garg
Mr. Sarvagya Garg
Specialization Private Labeling / OEM / ODM
Units 3 units
Employees 160+
Production Capacity 10,000 KG/Day
Packaging Bulk Packaging, Pouch Packaging, Custom Packaging


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Distinguishing Time Factors
White Label Private Label
Requires less time. Requires more time.
Optimal for those seeking a Swift Commencement. Involves more customization in ingredients, design, quality, and packaging.
No customization, as manufacturers provide the same products to multiple retailers. Products are exclusive and unique.
Swift solution for start-up companies. Recommended for those willing to invest time for more customization, suitable for new small businesses.
Differences in Investment Levels
White Label Private Label
Lower investment. Higher investment.
Cost-efficient compared to private label. Involves customization in product designs, materials, and offerings.
Manufacturers share cost efficiencies as they produce the same product for multiple retailers. Manufacturers create exclusive products, requiring separate arrangements and delivery.
Diversity in Market Strategies
White Label Private Label
Wider marketplace. Distinct market strategy.
Manufacturers deal with hundreds of retailers, leading to high sales profit. Can’t acquire a wider marketplace like white label, requiring unique marketing approaches.
Retailers can benefit from branding distinctiveness. Marketers need to be strategic for success without spending as much.
Quality Oversight
White Label Private Label
Limited control over product quality. Full customization allows control over product quality.
Manufacturers may offer some customization. Retailers can specify product content and quality standards.
Profit Dynamics
White Label Private Label
Lower production cost leads to higher profit. Higher investment for a quality product.
No customization allows for reduced prices, attracting more customers. Higher product prices due to customization but attract customers seeking quality.
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White Label
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Private Labeling


Private Labeling / OEM / ODM - Your Questions Answered | DKI Henna

Private labeling is the process of selling products under your brand name, with the manufacturing and packaging handled by a third party. At D.K Industries, we offer comprehensive private labeling solutions, including custom formulation, packaging design, manufacturing, and more to help you create and market your branded products effectively.

Customized formulation allows you to tailor product ingredients and specifications to meet your unique requirements and preferences. Our in-house R&D team at D.K Industries ensures that your products are crafted to perfection.

Color shade development in herbal hair colors involves formulating and achieving specific hues using natural ingredients. It’s crucial as it allows for a variety of appealing, plant-based hair color choices, meeting the demand for safe, chemical-free options that resonate with eco-conscious consumers.

We maintain high product quality through rigorous quality control measures and by utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Quality is at the core of our production processes.

Yes, our team of experts can assist in designing products that resonate with your brand identity, ensuring that every aspect reflects your vision and values.

Concept design is essential as it helps you craft a compelling story around your product. It communicates your brand’s vision and values effectively to your target audience.

Labeling plays a crucial role in creating brand identity. It ensures that every detail on the packaging reflects your brand’s essence, making a lasting impression on your customers.

White label solutions offer versatility and affordability. They allow you to source high-quality products under your brand name without the need for extensive product development, saving time and resources.

Starting your private labeling journey with us is simple. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and explore how we can help you bring your branded products to the market effectively.

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