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Discover the epitome of henna artistry and quality at DKI Henna, your premier choice among henna manufacturers in Ahmedabad. Our commitment to crafting top-notch henna products ensures a seamless blend of tradition and excellence. Dive into our diverse range, including bulk henna, herbal henna paste, and expertly crafted henna cones, as we guide you through the intricate world of henna.

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Company NameD.K Industries
Brand NameShagun Gold
Global Presence45+ Countries
Company TypeSole Proprietorship
Key PersonsMr. Dinesh Garg
Mr. Sarvagya Garg
SpecializationHenna Manufacturers in Ahmedabad
Units3 units
Production Capacity10,000 KG/Day
Private Labeling/OEMAvailable
PackagingBulk Packaging, Pouch Packaging, Custom Packaging


At DKI Henna, our distinction among henna manufacturers in Ahmedabad is defined by several factors:

Artisanal Craftsmanship:Crafting henna is an art at DKI Henna. Each batch reflects our dedication to quality, combining traditional methods with modern techniques. Our artisans ensure that every product embodies authenticity and purity.
Bulk Henna Excellence:For businesses or enthusiasts seeking to buy henna in bulk, DKI Henna provides a seamless solution. Our bulk henna packages are tailored to diverse needs, guaranteeing the same level of quality and richness in every order.
Herbal Henna Paste Mastery:Experience the allure of herbal henna paste with DKI Henna’s meticulously crafted products. Our commitment to natural ingredients shines through in our herbal henna paste, enhancing beauty while promoting well-being.
Precision in Henna Cone Manufacturing:DKI Henna excels in henna cone manufacturing. Our commitment to precision and quality ensures the convenience of ready-to-use henna cones. Enjoy easy application and vibrant colors with our expertly crafted henna cones.
Varied Range of Herbal Henna Products:As leading manufacturers of herbal henna in Ahmedabad, our range is diverse. From traditional henna powders to modern formulations, DKI Henna caters to a wide audience, offering the perfect henna product for every preference.


Quality is the cornerstone of DKI Henna. From sourcing the finest henna leaves to the manufacturing process and packaging, we adhere to stringent quality standards. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive henna products that surpass expectations.

Whether you are a retailer, salon owner, or an individual seeking exceptional henna products, DKI Henna is here to fulfill your needs. Explore the rich world of henna with us, and let the natural beauty of our products enhance your experiences.

Ready to experience the beauty of henna the DKI Henna way? Contact us today to discuss your henna requirements and discover the artistry that distinguishes us among henna manufacturers in Ahmedabad.


Henna Manufacturer in Ahmedabad - Your Questions Answered | DKI Henna

DKI Henna stands out for its artisanal craftsmanship, blending traditional methods with modern techniques to deliver henna products that embody authenticity and purity.

Yes, DKI Henna offers a seamless solution for businesses or enthusiasts looking to buy henna in bulk. Our packages are tailored to diverse needs, ensuring consistent quality and richness.

The allure of our herbal henna paste lies in meticulous craftsmanship and a commitment to natural ingredients. DKI Henna’s herbal paste enhances beauty while promoting overall well-being.

Absolutely! DKI Henna is known for its precision in henna cone manufacturing. Our commitment to quality ensures the convenience of ready-to-use henna cones with vibrant colors.

DKI Henna, as leading manufacturers in Ahmedabad, provides a diverse range. From traditional henna powders to modern formulations, we cater to a wide audience with the perfect henna product for every preference.

Yes, DKI Henna is dedicated to preserving the environment through eco-friendly packaging and sustainable practices. We align with a vision for a greener world.

We ensure quality through a combination of artisanal craftsmanship, modern techniques, and stringent testing. DKI Henna products are entirely free from additives, chemicals, or artificial colors.

Our extensive global distribution network ensures efficient delivery worldwide. DKI Henna products are accessible to henna enthusiasts around the globe.

Absolutely! Our varied range caters to diverse preferences, offering the perfect henna product for body art, hair care, and more.

Yes, DKI Henna provides competitive pricing, making our high-quality henna products accessible to enthusiasts worldwide without exceeding their budget.

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