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Welcome to DKI Henna, your trusted partner for high-quality henna products. As leading henna manufacturers in India, we take pride in delivering pure and authentic henna powder that’s been a hallmark of beauty traditions for centuries.

At DKI Henna, our commitment to quality and authenticity sets us apart in the industry. With a legacy of crafting natural henna products and hair care solutions, we bring the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda into the modern lifestyle. Our henna powder manufacturers in India ensure that you receive the best in quality, purity, and tradition.

With a blend of heritage and innovation, we offer products that enhance your natural beauty, promote hair health, and embrace holistic well-being. As a Henna Manufacturers we have wide range of Natural and pure Henna Products for Hair Care. We are DKI Henna – Your Trusted Henna Manufacturers in India.

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Company NameD.K Industries
Brand NameShagun Gold
Global Presence45+ Countries
Company TypeSole Proprietorship
Key PersonsMr. Dinesh Garg
Mr. Sarvagya Garg
SpecializationHenna Manufacturers in India
Units3 units
Production Capacity25,000 KG/Day
Private Labeling/OEMAvailable
PackagingBulk Packaging, Pouch Packaging, Custom Packaging


At DKI Henna, we believe that the journey from henna leaves to the perfect henna powder is an art. Our henna manufacturing process is a testament to our dedication to quality.

We source premium henna leaves from the lush fields of India, ensuring they’re grown and harvested under optimal conditions. These leaves undergo a rigorous selection process to pick the finest ones.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility houses the latest machinery and technology, operated by skilled experts. The leaves are dried, ground, and sifted to create the finest henna powder. We ensure that no additives or chemicals make their way into the final product, maintaining the purity of the henna.

Our henna manufacturing process is rooted in tradition but refined with modern precision. This commitment allows us to deliver henna powder that’s not only vibrant in color but also rich in its natural properties.

By choosing DKI Henna, you’re opting for henna with a history, a present of technological excellence, and a future of pure, authentic beauty. With our henna, you’re embracing the art of henna-making.

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At DKI Henna, quality assurance and purity are the cornerstones of our henna manufacturing process. We understand that the success of our products is deeply rooted in the quality of our raw materials. To ensure the highest quality, we meticulously select the finest henna leaves and herbs. Our henna is sourced from trusted farms and undergoes rigorous quality checks before it enters our production facilities.

Our commitment to purity goes beyond sourcing. We employ modern and hygienic processing methods with one of the finest infrastructures to preserve the natural properties of henna. Our henna is carefully cleaned, sorted, and ground to perfection. We never compromise on quality, and our henna is free from additives, chemicals, or artificial colors.

With DKI Henna, you can trust that every product is a testament to purity, quality, and authenticity. Our henna carries the essence of nature, and this commitment to quality is what distinguishes us as leading henna manufacturers in India.


Discover a world of henna products at DKI Henna. As leading henna manufacturers in India, we offer a comprehensive range of henna-based solutions to meet your diverse needs. Explore our selection of premium henna products, each crafted with care and precision:

Henna Powder:Our pure henna powder is known for its vibrant color and natural goodness. It’s ideal for traditional henna body art and natural hair coloring.
Henna Cones:We offer ready-to-use henna cones for intricate body art. Our cones are made with fresh henna paste for a rich, dark stain.
Herbal Henna:Experience the fusion of henna and Ayurvedic herbs. Our herbal henna products are designed for hair care, offering color and nourishment.
Henna for Hair:Say goodbye to chemical hair dyes. Our henna-based hair color provides natural, vibrant hues while promoting hair health.
Bulk Henna:If you need henna in large quantities, we offer bulk henna options to cater to your business or event needs.


When it comes to henna, authenticity matters. DKI Henna stands as a beacon of tradition and purity among henna manufacturers in India. Here’s why we’re your preferred choice:
Authenticity: We are guardians of India’s henna heritage. Our products reflect a tradition passed down through generations, preserving henna’s essence.
Natural Goodness: Embrace the pure essence of henna. Our commitment to natural goodness means our products are free from harmful chemicals, offering henna in its truest form.
Rich Heritage: Our journey through time connects you to the heart of India. Experience more than a product; it’s a historical exploration of henna’s wonders.
Variety: Discover a world of henna-based solutions, from intricate body art with henna powder to herbal henna for nurturing hair care.
Eco-Friendly Commitment: We’re dedicated to preserving the environment. Our eco-friendly packaging and sustainable practices align with our vision for a greener world.
Quality Assurance: Our in-house testing ensures that you receive nothing but the finest henna products.
Global Reach: DKI Henna products are adored worldwide, spanning from individual consumers to businesses. Our henna products are a global sensation.
Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our triumph. We aim to exceed your expectations with exceptional products and top-tier service.
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Henna Manufacturer in India - Your Questions Answered | DKI Henna

Henna manufacturers in India, such as DKI Henna, benefit from India’s rich henna traditions, ensuring authenticity and premium quality. Our dedication to natural henna products sets us apart.

Legacy matters. DKI Henna, among the leading henna manufacturers, brings generations of experience in crafting the finest henna powders and products.

DKI Henna is more than just a henna powder manufacturer in India. We offer a comprehensive range of henna-based products, from body art kits to herbal hair care solutions.

Trusted henna manufacturers maintain stringent quality control measures and source premium henna leaves, ensuring authenticity and purity in their products.

Yes, many henna powder manufacturers in India, including DKI Henna, are committed to eco-friendly packaging and sustainable production practices.

Leading henna manufacturers like DKI Henna offer bulk henna options for businesses and events, ensuring you have access to ample quantities.

Henna manufacturers play a crucial role in providing safe, authentic, and vibrant henna products, ensuring the best results for body art and hair coloring.

Henna powder manufacturers employ traditional techniques to process henna leaves into high-quality powders, preserving the plant’s natural properties.

Yes, henna manufacturers, including DKI Henna, have a global reach, offering their premium henna products to customers around the world.

Contacting henna manufacturers in India is easy. You can reach out to DKI Henna for inquiries, orders, and expert guidance on henna products through our contact form.

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